I love creating things.

I’m at my happiest when I’m busy making something - preferably something useful or beautiful. I learnt to crochet last year at a festival called Afrikaburn when someone gifted me a hook and some wool and showed me how to make a beanie. That was me... hooked! I’ve made dozens of beanies since.

All through WINTER I’ve experimented with various blends of mohair and wool, searched for hard-wearing flip flop soles and added 100% wool inner soles to create the most comfortable and warm Winter boots possible. People love them and each one-of-a-kind pair has been a joy to make!

With Spring in the air it was time to search for a SUMMER seller to keep my passion for the Nunu brand alive. I’m so excited to have found an overseas supplier of handmade sandals which are beautiful, simple and very comfortable.

Despite the language barriers we have communicated daily through google translate and whatsapp throughout the production process. I would prefer to be supporting local, but the craftsmanship is unbeatable and I know I am supporting another small business and not a huge corporate. The videos he sends me showing his factory include roosters crowing and lambs bleating in the background. 🙂

The range is eco and vegan friendly using non-leather materials. The innersoles are PU leather or cork, which is naturally renewable and harvested sustainably from cork trees.

This new edition to the Nunu range will be available from mid December 2019.

I also make water bottle holders. They make great gifts and each one is unique... I can’t seem to follow a pattern or do anything the same way twice. 🙂

The simple and repetitive nature of crocheting is addictive and very soothing and you can do it almost anywhere. I'd love to pay it forward by offering workshops to teach you to make your own beanie, water bottle holder or pair of boots. Follow the Nunu Handmade Originals facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming workshop details.

I love my nunus... and I hope you will too.